Must be a reason

I forgot

Oh, i forgot to mention one other thing.

my obsession with martha stewart living has been, for lack of a better word, discovered by one more complete stranger.

i hope that whoever visited this blog from this realized fairly quickly that lovelettertypewriter was not what s/he was looking for. but i appreciate the visit nonetheless.

okay, i'm going.

For some reason

when i woke up today (late for work), i misinterpreted all those numbers that are magically created on a digital clock. according to my still-sleeping brain, here is what i saw:

on my alarm clock: 11:27 am (work starts at 11:30)

on my crappy shelf system stereo thing, three minutes after looking at alarm clock: 11:10 am

in my car, ten minutes after looking at c.s.s.s.t.: 10:44 am

suffice it to say that by the time i actually got to work, i had absolutely no idea what time it was.

actual arrival time at work, ten minutes from home: 12:10 pm

i can't honestly say what happened there. admittedly, my car clock was off by approximately 76 minutes. but it took me about two hours after getting up (at around either 1:27, 1:07, 12:31, or 1:47...take your pick) to really come to grips with who i was, where i was, and why i was wearing a single white lintless glove.

the rest of my day didn't make much more sense than that.

i found out on the news that they have unveiled the new words that will appear in the dictionary: "gearhead," "booty," "hottie," and "noogie." i was trying to think of something witty to say in regards to those four words, but i'm drawing a blank. so you provide the joke. sorry...i've stayed up too late again.

earlier today i was washing my hands after using the little boys' room, and i looked at myself in the mirror. not an odd occurrence, i know. for some reason, upon seeing my reflection, my first thought was "wow! my hair looks like rick springfield's right now."

i told you today didn't make much sense.

Here's to another goddamn new year

remember how i commented yesterday

remember how i commented yesterday on the influx of music-related items on the chaturbat weblog of late? well, it's going to continue.

oh my dear lord. i simply must go to this. i mean seriously, go look at the list of bands playing. there are bands that i really want to see that i have never seen before (coalesce, crooked fingers, the dismemberment plan), bands that i really want to see again (death cab for cutie, hey mercedes, sweep the leg johnny), bands that i'm curious enough to go see (aloha, dillinger four, haymarket riot, milemarker, ted leo). damn. looks like i found out the dates i'm going to ask off work for...

in further music news--songs ohia is really damn prolific. already there is a solo album, a split ep with my morning jacket (coming out on jade tree?!?!), a collaboration with alasdair roberts and will oldham, and a collaboration with shannon wright slated for release in 2002. and jason's going to record a collaboration with low in the next month or two. damn.

so are you curious what i did when i got off work today? this is sad...i spent many hours here. i don't know why...there's something about urban legends that just sucks me right in.

dave's back in town. here's my list of the top five "i think i just saw..." moments while i was waiting for him at the airport. in the order that i remembered them:

chuck cleaver (singer, ass ponys)

dj b-money (formerly a st. louisan, now a new yorker)

deion sanders

rick burch (bassist, jimmy eat world)

matt ross (actor, ed's next move)

the only two that i'm even remotely sure about are b-money and, oddly enough, deion sanders.

at this point, i'm drawing a blank, so i will end this with the notice that maybe, just maybe, the next time i post will not involve inane musical items.

but i doubt it.

One other thing

i'm on one of those

i'm on one of those kicks where i really feel the need to listen to just about every cd i own. for the most part this is not a problem, because, well, i have impeccable musical taste. really, i do. but i run into problems with cds that i own merely because i couldn't sell them at some point. examples: the devlins, emma townsend, that cheap-ass mozart cd i purchased back in middle school because i wanted to see if it would make me smarter (i don't think it worked), and on and on and on. i know i probably should just pitch them or donate them to charity or something, but hey, you're talking to the guy who still has the receipt from a bank withdrawl in 1998.

i can't help but think that i'm going to end up like the mother in mumford...or that crazy lady who lives down the street from you that has fifteen pink flamingos in her front yard.

(has anyone else noticed the sudden influx of music-related posts?)

so today was the first day at the new/old job. the shirt still fit (and why wouldn't it? it's not like i came out of retirement or anything...), and the rigorous technical aspects of the job floated back into my brain after a few short hours. then again, i wouldn't call kneeling in front of an msc-200 with a pair of clamps, trying to fish a stray piece of photo paper from the depths of the machine "rigorous" or particularly "technical." whatever. i'm back in a job i don't hate, and that's really all that matters.

scary thought: i'm already thinking about when i'll ask for some time off for a vacation. crap.

oh the frustration...i found out earlier (courtesy of suzen) that hayden released an album this year. admittedly, from what i can gather, it hasn't actually been released in america, just canada, so i'm not too far out of the loop. but damn it, i want me some new hayden.

i finally bought a frame for my joy division poster, along with nails to put it and a corkboard up on the wall in living room II (my new name for the "dining room"). just call me mr. fix-it. or mr. i-know-how-to-hammer-shit. either one will work.

i might actually find some time this weekend to devote to some long-overdue website updates, and maybe even the albums of the year thingamajig. really, i swear. i'm not stringing you along. please come back! please?

oh, and in reference to something i wrote earlier today (well,'d be nice if my end-of-the-day-posts fell under the day the post pertains to)...i snapped first. the apartment has been cleaned--somewhat. i kind of lost motivation about halfway through.

i stand where you stood.

Random thoughts

random thoughts from one who woke up way too early for a shift starting at 4:30 this afternoon:

i really wish i had some food that did not involve preparation that was not, well, the twizzlers i have on my desk. i'm really getting tired of them.

i hate daft punk.

i do not own a cat.

the never ender version of "the bitter end" is different from, and in my opinion not as good as, the version contained on hot water music's split with leatherface.

i can't shake the feeling that had i listened to drive like jehu when i was in high school, then i would have been a much cooler one.

i can't believe i'm actually forcing myself to finish the flash 5 bible before i start nick hornby's new one, how to be good, which my sister and brother-in-law bought for me for christmas.

i actually read high fidelity long before i watched the jasminelive movie. i think that's the only time i read the book before seeing the movie, unless you count reading the old testament in sunday school before seeing the ten commandments. i don't really count that.

i feel weird typing "brother-in-law." that's not to say i don't like the bloke, because i do like him. it's just odd.

i constantly feel as though dave and i are having a contest to see who will break down and clean the apartment first. i think i'm going to snap first.

i had to correct my grammar above..."dave and i", not "me and dave." look out, english teachers everywhere! i'm coming, and i sort of know what i'm doing!

i hope you enjoyed that. have a good day.

Piebald rocks my sorry ass

piebald rocks my sorry ass. i mean seriously, have you heard the way he yells "and you've got those sexy legs" in "grace kelly with wings"? masterwork, i assure you. on a piebald-related matter, i was listening to disc two of barely legal/all ages (i guess that makes it all ages) only because i accidentally placed it in the case for a different cd. but that's okay, because i got to rock out to piebald instead. but the point of all this is that i finally listened to track fifteen on that album, and was stupified to realize that "she was just seventeen" is just a poorly-disguised renaming of "i saw her standing there." my guess is that they didn't want to pay royalties. so if any remaining beatles are reading this, i'm's an original piebald song. if they're not....well, it's a good cover.

so today was spent sitting around doing very little. i rented the big kahuna (i have so many movies to see in the theater right now, but i didn't feel like going out today), which is an enjoyable film. and that was pretty much the high point of my day. pretty much what i wanted out of my last "vacation" day before the new/old job starts up tomorrow, so it was a good day.

oh, another weblog-related item. i've seen the blogback thing on other people's weblog, and now i does one get that on their weblog? i'm not up on the latest technology, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, please do. you can use the e-mail address above.

in the process of doing absolutely nothing of importance today, i found myself wandering around my apartment thinking "man, what a dump." i suppose that those thoughts arose because i spent almost four days in a nice, pristine, newly-built condominium in ohio, and thus the crappy carpeting--complete with the unidentifiable stain in my bedroom that could be dried paint, or possibly a huge blood stain--and dirty dishes and leaky windows become less endearing and more, well, disgusting. i'm counting on becoming acclimated to my squalor in the next couple of days.

it's not really that bad. but my parents' condo is really nice.

oh crap, i forgot one

oh crap, i forgot one other, weblog-related item. i have now added my e-mail address to the above menu, so feel free to e-mail me with any comments, suggestions, recipes, etc., that you want to share.