Must be a reason

I almost forgot

wow, i almost forgot to actually write a post about my day, having gotten all caught up in the linking thing below. so here goes.

i'm rather proud of myself, actually. i, bill total-love-itch (long story, but that's my nickname of sorts, and it's kind of catchy), actually left the apartment today. and not just to go to the store or anything. yep, that's right. i went out in public. thanks to a reminder from alissa (whom--that's correct english, isn't it?--i repaid by wasting about two hours of her work time on instant messenger), i went and enjoyed a punk rock show tonight.

hot water music / american steel / trial by fire / for the last time, live at the creepy crawl in st. louis. (i've decided i'm always going to separate shows off like that, to kind of keep track. i keep track of the weirdest shit.)

very nice show. ran into louis and kenneth, listened to lots of music, did the standing still, drank some hornsby's and tipped quite well, thank you...a nice night. a couple of observations:

hot water music has a lot of songs. i only recognized about three or four of them, but hey, the whole set was enjoyable.

where the hell did all those people come from? i was surrounded by a sea of attractiveness and coolness. i'm not sure if i'm being sarcastic or not.

rule number 570 of bill's concert rulebook: fugazi t-shirt + glisteningly new leather jacket + expensive-smelling cologne = you're a tool. i mean, have you ever actually listened to "merchandise"? (man, i'm preachier than, well, ian mackaye right now)

no major bouts of agoraphobia (textbook definition: fear of the marketplace. includes fear of open spaces and the fear of crowds. the latter is me). go me.

the sad thing is that i used to average at least a show a week. but, with st. louis quickly becoming a city to skip (sometimes being passed over for lawrence, ks, or columbia, mo), my own dwindling finances, and a tendency for a concert-going experience to be pretty mediocre in this town...well, i hadn't been to a show since i was in austin back in march. weirdness.

i'm supposed to leave for home tomorrow afternoon (driving, of course). but since i accomplished pretty much nothing today in preparation for going home (i.e. no clean socks), i might delay a bit. when i do go home, lovelettertypewriter will be coming to you from dayton, oh (assuming i can find a computer to use) for a couple of days.

is it weird to go home for christmas, but leave before christmas actually arrives? yeah, i suppose when you put it that way, it is.

charles bronson just set a guy on fire using a remote-control soccer ball. i shit you not.

i think i'm writing a lot to make up for a lack of writing for the next few days. so read really really slowly. and enjoy the holidays.