Must be a reason

Okay, this is weird

for some reason when i attempted to log on (in order to wow you with my bloginess), my password had been changed. i'm not sure what happened there--someone after me at the library in ohio found that page or something?--but i had to set the ol' password again. i'm just confused, i guess.

in addition, i'm dumb (i really have to stop starting a post this way).

i got home from ohio earlier this evening. and, well, it was 52 degrees in my apartment. yep...52. farenheit. now, i'm no expert on heat, but i know that 52 degrees isn't very warm.

after wondering for quite some time, i remembered what happened at about this time last year. last year, it was about the same temperature in here. it eventually got so bad (even with a space heater on loan from marisa) that i called the landlord. he sent one of his goons, er, handymen over--and it wasn't the incredibly racist slug of a man that usually comes to fix stuff, either. this non-racist, somewhat-not-overweight handyman looked at the furnace for about one second and said, "i know what the problem is."

apparently dave and i are responsible for turning the furnace on when it starts getting cold outside. and, well, we didn't. for some reason, when we were staring at the furnace, pretending to know the first damn thing about hvac procedures, we didn't acknowledge the fact that there was no pilot light. well duh. the handyman lit the pilot light, we had heat, and all was well in the world.

guess what i forgot to do this year? you get three guesses, and the first two don't count.

yep. so now it's a relatively toasty 68 degrees in here, and i will be able to sleep without fifty covers on top of me.

so i repeat myself...i'm dumb.

the post-christmas post is coming soon. so for the remaining five minutes or so of this christmas...merry christmas.