Must be a reason

Note to self

everything, especially lovelettertypewriter, looks horrid in 640x480 resolution using an old version of netscape. this is not a slight against the centerville public library system--mind you, they're letting you use the internet for free. it's just something to remember)

every time i visit the folks in ohio, the same things happen. since i don't get the chance to visit very often, i always end up driving around to see what has changed since the last time i was there. (and in case you're curious, the most obvious changes are that the denny's near the mall closed, and spring valley road now goes all the way through to 741--which is actually really exciting if you live here)

and someone needs this computer. more on the journey deep into the heart of it all (ohio's motto--you didn't know that, did you?) some other time.

all right, so i obviously

all right, so i obviously have not left for home yet. actually, that probably wouldn't be obvious at all unless you're sitting in this room with me. and i don't hear any breathing, so it's not all that obvious.

anyway, nothing much to share. i'm waiting for the muscle relaxer to kick in so i can actually get to sleep before 5:00 am, which is the approximate time i need to wake up in order to make it to ohio in time for "christmas" dinner.

i just need to give myself a break...i've been spending all day stressing out about spending four whole days at home. i don't even know why i'm stressing out.

i know, this was kind of pointless. have a happy holiday. next post will in all likelihood come from the depths of ohio. maybe i'll see bob pollard walking down the street again...