Must be a reason

Pretty serious

anyway, i've been dancing around the subject for a while, but i'm back from ohio after having a pretty terrific time. i was only there for about 72 hours or so, but that was forever to my mom, who, in typical mom fashion, worries about me pretty much every moment i'm not in the house (the three siblings all live within an hour and a half of them, so i'm the odd one out there). but was a good time. two christmases (opening presents, i mean), two church-goings, lots of sitting around, the requisite viewing of the christmas story (note to reader: next time you watch it, just listen for the father's "obscenities." it's the funniest shit...), a new traditional viewing of miracle on 34th street, featuring a young, pre-she's-the-hottest natalie wood, etc., etc. some random notes about the trip and the time at home:

on the drive to ohio, it was incredibly windy. oddly enough, while my car was being buffetted [sic] here and there the whole time, the trees near the highway were not moving at all. very strange feeling.

the current sore throat attests to the fact that singing/screaming along with millencolin, the gloria record, and further seems forever is not something i should do for very long. (note: this is during the drives...i tend not to sing while in the presence of others)

best website of the moment (suggested by my sister): jumping the shark. i, too, found it inappropriate when the actress who played vivian on fresh prince of bel-air was replaced with another actress without a word. and yes, that's probably when the show went downhill. thanks, susan.

i find it disconcerting that, despite my numerous memos to the state and national legislature, wispy moustaches are still legally allowed on citizens of illinois. stop the madness, i say! it makes you look like a rat.

i broke my own record for time it took me to drive from ohio to st. louis: six hours, two minutes exactly. i rule.

in a similar vein, i was unable to break my record for distance driven while steering with my knees. i only managed 2.4 miles this time, not even coming close to my personal record of 4.1 miles.

obviously, other than singing along with music at the top of my lungs (remember that conversation, liz?), i get a little bored while driving.

my younger brother flunked out of college. well, at least now i'm not the only one.

despite what their billboards may say, the carriage hill restaurant in altamont, illinois does not have the best buffet on the highway. they do, however, have the most fabulous restrooms ever. they look like they were designed by a color-blind eastern european in the mid-1970s. if i could make my whole apartment look like those bathrooms (and of course, i'm assuming that the ladies' restroom is as wonderful as the men's), i would do it in a heartbeat.

i got to hang out (for varying amounts of time) with high school pals scott, lee, and maggie. that was great fun.

scott told me that there was a five-year reunion for my high school over thanksgiving that i obviously did not attend. his only comment: "it was great to see how many of them have either gained weight or gone bald in that five years."

i had a ton of comments about my hair, all positive. a downright shocking turn of events, actually. lee says that i've finally "grown into my look." i have no idea what that means.

used cd shopping while home was very unsatisfying. normally there are tons of indie cds clogging the bins that i can snatch up for nothing. this time i was lucky to get away with hot water music's never ender, and a gern blandsten records retrospective. better than nothing, i suppose.

my older brother's wedding is set for 26 october of next year. maybe now i'll remember.

i received very utilitarian gifts this year: socks, shoes, a belt, some clothes, a box of crispix cereal, etc. very satisfying.

that's all i can think of right now. as i said, it was a very nice holiday. i hope, dear reader, that your holiday season was just as enjoyable.

i have written quite a bit this evening, so this seems like a good place to stop.